Why Many Students Will Possibly Fail WAEC This Year

Opening with the words of the head of Nigeria National Office of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), Mr. Patrick Ehidiamen, saying that “This examination is going to be conducted under a very unfriendly atmosphere and conditions”, it is imperative that every student and school administrator read this content very carefully and take necessary positive steps.

While it is no longer news that the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) initially scheduled to start in April is now to start on 3rd August, it is very likely that business will not be as usual. This is especially true as the examination body has introduced new software called Item Differentia Profile, which is a technological solution, to examination malpractice. The Council, on its website waecnigeria.org, is worried about the cases of malpractices of some schools/centers where almost all the candidates score very high marks in objective tests but very low marks in the theory papers. The idea behind this innovation is to generate charge answer sheets electronically so that collusion cases can be detected using this technological solution. This, definitely, will be no nice time for dubious students and school administrators. If this software is used, there will be massive failures for candidates who are fans of ‘miracle centers‘. This, I think, is a welcome development. If schools that usually have lofty vision and mission statements to raise tomorrow’s leaders are the same ones found aiding and abetting examination malpractice, then there is no future for Nigeria. Special thanks to a few schools that have maintained their integrity. One would notice that such schools usually don’t have many candidates as their errant counterparts, and in most cases, those few are well taught and prepared such that they excel without ANY form of assistance.

Another glaring reason why many students may fail this forthcoming WAEC (but they need not if they do the needful) will be as a result of the unexpected prolonged COVID-19 holiday. This has made many students rest on their oars; even some of those who read are really not psychologically motivated to read because, until now, they were not certain about when examinations will commence. While it is commendable of some schools that employed online means to prepare students, that is not the case for public school students. Even the online classes haven’t been very effective in some cases. For those who listen to radio class or TV class, how many can really say that they follow the classes regularly? Many students are, instead, busy with social media during this period.

Another possible reason would be WAEC coming out to state categorically that they will adhere strictly to social/physical distancing in the examination halls by making sure candidates sit two meters apart. We also in this write-up do not in any way support examination malpractice, in fact, our goal is to make students and school administrators read this in order to make them prepare in the right direction.

Mr. Patrick Ehidiamen in his press briefing made available on WAEC’s verified twitter handle, @waecnigeria, said “I must not fail to warn all schools and candidates to shun any form of examination malpractice. Lack of preparedness is not an excuse to cheat. For the benefit of doubt, standards already set remain sacrosanct. Do not delude yourself by thinking that they will all be lowered due to the prevailing circumstances. Therefore, as usual, you get what you deserve. It will be a double tragedy for any candidate to write the examination under very difficult circumstances and not have any result”.

This, no doubt, is no good news for candidates who fail to prepare and who may want to cheat their way through. The WAEC boss stated further that “schools and candidates must resist the temptation of patronizing dubious websites that claim to have examination questions at their disposal.” He continued, “We cannot claim not to know that they are right now strategizing on their evil machinations. They are fake and conscienceless destiny destroyers. Self-reliance is the sure key to success.”

Back in those days when examinations were going on, there would be nearly complete silence as every student focused on their works. This means that they would all have prepared since they know there is no form of ‘assistance’. When students know they will be ‘assisted’ in the examination hall, that does something to them psychologically — they retreat from reading; you cannot blame them for this. This accounts for the myriads of mediocrity we have today as a nation.

On a final note, it is not uncommon to have some corrupt officials from WAEC who would want to bend the rules. There might be some bad news for them as some of these school administrators are broke right now as a result of the pandemic. Students and schools are enjoined to be worthy ambassadors in building a strong generation of future leaders.

I remain your friend.

Kindly Amoo Oluwatobi on twitter @amoooluwatobie

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