Breaking: Turkey has found the largest oil field in the Black Sea

All is not news of recession, infection, job loss, and other woes occasioned by the novel coronavirus pandemic across the nations of the world as Turkey has successfully found the largest oil field in the Black Sea. Speaking live on Aljazeera, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the discovery with excitement, calling the oil field the biggest energy discovery the country has ever had and that they will not stop until they become the next exporter. Recep Tayyip Erdogan says data shows a strong possibility of other gas reserves in the area, and that the natural gas in the Black Sea measures 320 billion cubic meters.

The Turkish President also used the opportunity to thank the former minister for energy as well as the current sitting minister and all the members of the technical team, expressing optimism that the project will deliver dividends for the country’s prosperity and also for future generations. In his own words, Erdogan said,

“We have carried out nine deep-sea drillings in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea through our Fatih and Yavuz ships so far. We have had the honour of giving our nation the good news that it has been waiting for.”

“There is no stopping and resting until we become a net exporter in energy”

This discovery is coming as a form of help for the Turkish nation which has been dependent on Iran, Iraq, and Russia for her energy supplies. Besides, Turkey has faced serious economic woes that are making the country slide seriously into becoming a third world nation. The president further said, “Our goal is to make Black Sea gas available to our nation in 2023”

It might interest you to know that the country which is located in both continents of Asia and Europe will be having her 100th founding anniversary of the Turkish Republic.

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