Trump wants schools reopened amidst pandemic

While health officials at the Centre for Diseases Control, CDC, have repeatedly warned about the continued disasters the novel coronavirus keeps causing and the need to remain indoors, the United States President Donald Trump wants schools reopened on the other hand.

There’s been a sharp contrast between Donald Trump’s views on the ravaging COVID-19 and those of the CDC health experts. It might interest you to know that since the COVID-19 scourge began, the American President has refused to wear a mask contrary to medical advice. In fact, in recent times, Trump announced officially the pulling out of the United States of America from the World Health Organization, WHO. This was after Trump’s allegation some months ago that the World Health Organization was working in the interest of China, the very country from where the deadly coronavirus emanated from. Many believe, however, that the dissenting opinion is not unconnected with the forthcoming US elections in November this year.

It might also interest you to note that at the moment, it is reported that at least 56 Florida hospitals have reached ICU capacity as the United States of America is witnessing a resurgence of the ugly virus. Also, about 35 states, have also been reported to be recording a high number of infection cases. In fact, Melbourne in Australia is currently undergoing another lockdown because of new surge cases of the coronavirus. Hongkong also is having what experts call a third wave of the virus with a reported new surge in local transmission in cases. According to Dr. Hadi Manji, a consultant neurologist in National Hospital in the UK, there’s a risk of brain complications such as brain damage, stroke, fatal brain inflammation, brain dysfunction, and hallucination in patients having coronavirus.

In light of all these worries, yet, Trump wants schools reopened.

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