Schools reopening amidst COVID-19 pandemic!

The uncertainty of schools reopening is god-awful particularly for poorly funded school owners whose businesses have been shut down since March as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because there are stringent conditions contained in the guidelines submitted to the National Assembly by the Federal Ministry of Education for schools reopening. It is therefore pitiable that many proprietors and proprietress whose major livelihood depend on their small schools may find it a colossal challenge to kickback. It is only commonsensical to note that things will definitely not return to what they have always been. According to information gathered by Nigerian Newsnow from a reliable source, certain guidelines for school reopening may include the following:

  • Creation of temporary isolation space and fully equipped clinics
  • Construction of additional buildings and employment of more teachers to make sure they accommodate the children by adhering to the two-meter social distancing in classrooms
  • Effective response and referral systems in case any child or member of staff exhibit any symptom of COVID-19 while in school
  • As a matter of fact, states wishing to reopen must hold adequate consultations with the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 and the parents.
  • Provision of instructional materials, running water facilities, soap and hand sanitizers
  • There’s also a proposal for shifts, whereby pupils and students are scheduled for different times. This suggests having more teachers and a must also to pay their salaries on time.
  • There’s also the proposal for alternative learning models in order to ensure compliance with social distancing rules.
  • Creation of distance learning centers is also a part of the proposal
  • Fumigation of the school environment
  • Training of all members of staff on how to comply with the School COVID-19 Referral System and protocols for safe distancing and hygiene in schools.
  • Availability of infrared thermometer for detecting body temperature.
  • A signpost at the school entrance telling and educating about safety against COVID-19 infection, including the NCDC hotline.

The list in fact seems endless. However, this awareness is not intended to scare School Owners but to help prepare for the likely. There is indeed no better time for school owners to seek grants and work in synergy to support one another. The time is over for self-interest and beefing among you guys.

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