Mixed Emotions As America Reopens Schools

Following a strong desire of US President Donald Trump, mixed reactions have trailed the reopening of schools in the United States of America as the cases of coronavirus infections are still reported to be on the increase. One of the schools in Georgia was visited and some students and teachers were interviewed on CNN. Many were seen wearing a face mask while some did not put on anything whatsoever. Of course, it was not a mandatory thing for anyone to wear a face mask, it was only strongly recommended. Parents and children expressed divergent views as they were interviewed. Some strongly support the reopening of schools in the United States and wanted safety at the same time which they were sure their children would have. Some, however, strongly feel it is unsafe.

The Centre for Diseases Control, CDC recently published that 76% of kids and adults tested caught Covid-19 at Georgia Camp. In addition, the number of deaths cases relating to coronavirus in the United States has passed 160,000 with more awful predictions that the figures were likely to skyrocket. However, some of the preventive measures put in place by the visited school for the elementary level include outdoor classes, social distancing, use of face shield instead of masks for teachers, etc. For the middle and high school levels, some of the preventive measures put in place include pre-scheduled bathroom breaks, self-contained pods, et cetera.

It will be recalled that the global pandemic which started late last year has been on a crazy increase ever since and it has led to the shutdown of schools for quite some time. Sadly also, some parts of the United States are exhibiting serious signs of a hurricane. Early today, there are warnings posted for Bahamas and Florida, with a state of emergency declared in parts of Florida.

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