Breaking: Popular School in Lagos in trouble over Malpractices

As at the time of filing this report, the news of the popular school in question allegedly involved in the practice of malpractice is one of the hot subjects of discussion on a national radio station. It is only hoped that the authorities of this popular school will come to the fore to clear the air and remove their name from the deep mess if they are innocent. In fact, the founder and senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Rev. Sam Adeyemi had to tweet about it on his handle @sam_adeyemi:

Recently, the Cable News published a piece of news about how a journalist disguised to be a 25-year old rice seller with another name: Grace Adebiga, who wanted to further her education and so enroll for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). She wanted to, reportedly, investigate the stories of malpractice she had been hearing about the popular school. To make matters worse, another careless student wrote on the school’s Facebook Wall, thanking the school for how she was finally able to make her results after five years of writing and rewriting exams. She even showed a picture of the result.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Mr. Bachel is the only solution for all the people in the nation that see education as the problem of our nation like me now have lost hope about all this education stuff have been doing WAEC, GCE, NECO for almost good five years but I thank God today because have make my result math b3 Phys b3 chem b3 eng c5 biology c6 Bachel is too much and one thing is that some people didn’t know that we used our money to buy our self good things love Bachel once again (sic),”

The journalist took down strong evidence. According to the report,

“For six months, Grace went through the Bachel Academy as an admission seeker who was too busy to study but willing to pay for the needed grades. She registered for the 2019 WASSCE and JAMB in the school where she documented evidence of extortion, bribery, and examination fraud.”

The malpractice act was well executed, as teachers, WAEC officials, students, and even the gateman were all involved. See another discovery from the journalist:

“The students in Bachel are also involved in the racket. Grace had missed one of the Literature-in-English exams because of a mix-up in the timetable. While this might seem a costly mistake, it opened up another opportunity to see the extent of the malfeasance in the school. Aunty Funmi had been calling her repeatedly but she ignored the call. When she would not stop calling, she picked and was informed she had a Literature examination to write. It would have been impossible to get to Egbeda, where her center was, and make it in time for the exams. But, Aunty Funmi assured her it was not a problem, only that it would cost some money.

She promised to organise a student to sit in for Grace.

The next day, after the Biology examination, she informed Grace that it cost N3,000 to get a person to write the examination for her.”

This is a serious lesson for all school owners and administrators. Parents and students are not left out at all. The future should not be destroyed in the present. Above all, each person should know that they are all answerable to the creator.

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