Over 2.6 Trillion looted in 4 years – DJ Big N

Dj Big N @djbign, the popular hip hop Dj at the early hours of Friday, July 24, 2020, decided to give his voice at the present state of things in Nigeria and also challenge the celebrities and those who have influence in one capacity or the other to speak up collectively against corruption in our dear country.

He said:

“You see the way we collectively spoke up against Rape Dear Celebrities and Non- Celebrities; this is the time to speak up against Bad Leaders. Let your voices be heard. The Billions that are being looted daily is alarming. Over 2.6 Trillion in 4 years. If not for anything for your kids born and unborn. Stop and think how those money could have saved someone you know if we had good hospitals or someone you know who died because of bad roads. You might say it doesn’t concern you. I wish we knew the real power we possess. They are raping over 200 million citizens’ futures. The common man cannot be heard. Step back and think of what you have done with your fame. This is the biggest give away you can do for your country.

“I Repeat, it’s not enough to be Famous. The true measure of a man is what he does with power. You can be part of something greater. Yes, Banky ran for office and didn’t get it. Yes, Davido made so much noise for his uncle and even risked his safety for the cause. Tuface had threats to his family…They say “it’s a cabal… it can’t work”….. I ask you a question today…is it all the songs you have released that blew. NO. Or all the movies you have acted that became no 1. My point is, we fail when we give up. Let’s come together simultaneously. We owe Nigerians at large, our voices. There is no greater deed that can be done than speaking up for the oppressed or those who don’t have a voice.”

This is really mindblowing and worth sharing.

DJ Big N is a veteran Nigerian hip hop DJ. As part of Mavin Records, DJ Big N has supported several of the label’s top-billed acts, including supporting Tiwa Savage on her first American tour.

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