Managing Your Mental Health in Times Like This

There is no gainsaying the fact that we are social beings created to relate with one another and be interdependent. However, these are very challenging times as most of what is being preached now are “social distancing”, “quarantine”, “avoid crowded places”, “stay at home”, “stay safe”, et cetera, as a result of the ugly pandemic ravaging humanity. Your mental health, however, is of utmost importance in times like this. You need not allow depression.

What can you do to take good care of your mental health?

  1. Check out what you have been listening to. 

Mental health

You need to discover that what you listen to determines how you feel, and how you feel will determine how you behave. Let’s face it: there’s bad news almost everywhere you turn. The news of the pandemic in many nations of the world is enough to scare one to death. So, what do you do? Common sense teaches that you deliberately avoid the bad news and choose to listen to edifying stuff and things that will make you laugh and feel better. You deserve a happy life, and you shouldn’t allow anything to take your happiness. There are people who love to see you happy, and I am one of them! I love you! I remember watching a popular American TV show while growing up, Kids say the darnedest things. It was such a funny program that will make you laugh your heart out. Do something like that! Listen to very inspiring music. Surround yourself with good, for you deserve it!

  1. Never neglect the company of family and friends.

Mental health

Someone said if you lose your wealth you have lost nothing, but if you lose your health you have lost something. Hang out with your family and friends regularly, for they are like pillows that give you sweet dreams. Perhaps you just lost your job due to the pandemic, you have a lovely spouse to pour out your heart to. If this doesn’t apply to you for one reason or the other, find a friend you can talk to. They’ll serve as a shoulder you can lean on.

  1. Do physical exercises regularly.

Dance. Jump. Jog. Play with your kids and friends. Do sports. Enjoy your life, for that’s one thing you can’t have twice.

  1. Talk with your Creator.

Mental health

This has a tremendous way of letting off stress and depression from your life. Trust me, this works like the letting out and in of air through a vent. This will give peace to your heart and you will enjoy the good life.

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