How You Can Make Thousands of Dollars 💰 Doing Copywriting

You may be wondering how difficult “making money doing copywriting” could be. But first, let me quickly tell you that copyWRITING is NOT the same as copyRIGHTing. They are two parallel lines that never meet. While copyRIGHT has to do with owning a legal right to a piece of writing, music, et cetera that belongs to you, copyWRITING on the other hand is selling with the use of words, without opening your mouth. If you have ever jumped at an offer, whether on an online or on-ground store, the people working behind the scenes that made you buy are called copywriters. So, copywriting, in other words, is closing in print; selling products and services with many people ‘running’ to quickly buy those products. When you master the art of copywriting, you will never have money problems again.

Here are some few facts about copywriting:

  • You don’t have to be good at English to be a copywriter. It has nothing to do with English proficiency. In fact, one of the best copywriters I know is very poor when it comes to English proficiency.
  • Copywriting is a multi-billion dollar industry which many people do not know.
  • Copywriting is a skill that is on-demand increasingly. In fact, I can tell you for free that one of the skills in high demand on freelancing platforms as far as the writing niche is concerned is the copywriting skill.
  • Copywriting is a skill you can apply in any endeavor, as having the skill will help you generate more income than your peers who are in the same line of business with you.
  • Copywriting requires training. You need to get trained for it.

If you are seriously interested in making money doing copywriting, here’s an online training for you:


  • Morning or Evening Online Training Sessions
  • Bonuses worth N185, 000 ➕ certificate
  • Online job opportunities upon completion of training
  • Lifetime Mentorship to Get You Started on the Copywriting Journey

Date: July 10 – 25, 2020

Training Fee: N3, 500.

However, if you get to take action and pay between now and 7th July, you will pay N3, 500 N3, 000 only.

Make payments to:

Tatech Digital Company

Zenith Bank Plc

Account number:1014526296

And send proof of payment to 08169238730

Guaranteed refund:

If after undergoing the training and you still do not have values added to you, I will make sure you are refunded within a 60-day period. Copywriting is a multi-billion dollar industry, friends. Take action now as this offer will lapse in six days. Pay to the account above and send proof of payment to 08169238730.

Waiting to have you join the copywriting team. For more inquiries, please call or WhatsApp 08169238730.

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