Lionel Messi set to leave Barcelona

The rumour is gradually becoming true that the 33-year old star-studded Argentine player, Lionel Messi may leave Barcelona soon for Pep Guardiola, Manchester City.  According to skysports.com, Neymar desires to be reunited with Lionel Messi at Paris St-Germain and has requested the club to sign him from Barcelona.

Neymar, Messi’s good friend had asked that his own club PSG signs Messi, although the club is very mindful of the likely financial implications. However, there are certain conditions Messi must fulfill as regards his contract with his present club. In response to Messi’s transfer, Barcelona has reportedly responded to Messi’s request saying that they do not agree that the clause is active and the only way Messi can leave is if he settles the seven hundred million euros as minimum fee release clause. Of course, this didn’t go down well with Barcelona fans who began to protest against the board on Wednesday evening. This is also a confirmatory sign that Messi is really serious about leaving the Barcelona club.

Pep Guardiola obviously desires to have Messi with him, and Lionel Messi himself also wants Guardiola. The multiple award-winning Argentine player who has scored 634 goals in 731 matches and has made 256 assistances wants to win a Champions League with Manchester City and quite interestingly, Manchester City is also hungrily looking forward to winning their first. As mentioned in passing earlier, Neymar is also a possible factor why the international player is no longer wanting to stay in Barcelona.

In all, the terms of Messi’s contract has to be respected because, according to a top sports lawyer by the name of Nick De Marco QC, he risks a FIFA ban if he leaves Barcelona without settling his contract dispute.

Messi, according to data made available on his website, messi.com, is a recipient of 75 awards.

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