The Man behind Hushpuppi

One name that has trended so much this week is Hushpuppi. Hushpuppi, whose real name is Raymond Igbalode was arrested in Dubai over allegations of fraud and money laundering of over $100million. It was said that this money was supposed to be given to native Americans during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

If the money was meant for the native Americans, how did he have access to it? Well, he allegedly hacked into the United States (US) unemployed database and defrauded them of over $100 million.

Raymond who claims to be a real estate agent and his fraud syndicate was said to have been on the radar of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) for a while now. The ‘star’, who has always flaunted his flamboyance on his Instagram page through his expensive lifestyle, came under severe fire on social media as many Nigerians who have always doubted his source of wealth almost came for his head. According to Premium Times, many of his followers acknowledged benefitting from his occasional cash ‘giveaways’, even though his source of affluence, which has long evoked the curiosity of bloggers, remained unclear.


Also, one of the social media commentators😁 reacted:

“How does a young man have so many expensive cars and clothing items and accessories without a known proper job? I know I don’t have money and you can insult me but it will never make sense to me how people continue to famz and celebrate people with crazy unexplained wealth.”

Aproko doctor @aproko_doctor, the renown health information enthusiast and digital content creator in his usual humorous style said:

“I’m happy that Hushpuppi has been caught. A lot of young people wanted his levels of questionable wealth, at least now they know there are consequences.

“Did you think his money was legit?

“If you do, I have one cream to sell to you that enlarges your pinis with one single rub.”

It is noteworthy to say that as bad the situation here in Nigeria may appear, there are still MANY Nigerians who hold integrity in high esteem. They do their jobs and work hard.

We are not all Yahoo boys!


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