Healthcare Workers are truly the world angels! You need to see this.

Bravo and kudos to all healthcare workers out there, you are very special. I do not know what would have happened without you. Certainly, the world would not be a wholesome place without your interventions. There is no gainsaying the fact that there is a war going on all across the nations of the whole world. Whenever there is an assault on any nation, the military quickly responds and rise to the challenge. But right now, there is a collective assault on all the nations of the world by the novel coronavirus and surely Doctors, Nurses, and other healthcare workers have been at the forefront battling this menace. We celebrate you. In fact, I will suggest the governments of the world create a day to specially honour you yearly. Some of you hardly sleep nor eat as at when due. You are truly the world angels.

If you are a health worker, I want to use this medium to encourage you to stay strong at this time. I want to advise you as well to not neglect your personal spiritual, mental, and physical wellness. It’s very crucial at this time, even more, crucial than ever before. My heart desire and prayer for you is that you will outlast this season.

Quickly, I’ll give you some words that I believe will inspire you and refuel your spiritual, mental, and physical energy.

Number one: Do not negotiate your personal rest time for anything in the world! That’s your personal Sabbath, and through it, you are expected to draw fresh strength and vitality.

Number two: Be intentional about what you listen to. You will really harm yourself if you are a CNN fan. I suppose CNN and some of these media houses have no edifying story at this time other than coronavirus and what the hell Donald Trump is doing. You are precious and highly needed by people who are hurting and so, you’ve got to be ‘charged’ spiritually, mentally, and physically. Rather than listen to things that do not add any special value to you, listen to nice and inspiring music and messages whether on the go or at work.

Number three: Think about this logic: if you remove a fish from its habitat (which is water), it will die, wouldn’t it? Sure, it will. The same way, if you remove humans from their source of life and inspiration they start ‘withering’. This is talking about your faith, I mean, what you believe and has been used to overtime. Some people have said that when they take time to talk to God in prayer, they get reinvigorated. For them, that keeps them going. Find out what keeps you going and stick to it.

Hope these few tips are useful? Kindly share with healthcare workers that you know. They mean so much to us at this time and always.

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