Governor of Edo state at a cross road

It is no longer news that the incumbent governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, who is also seeking reelection has defected to the leading opposition party, PDP, following his disqualification by his former APC party. Even though Obaseki is enjoying the influence of PDP stalwarts like Nyesom Wike of Rivers State, amongst others, one of the PDP’s candidates, Mr. Ogbeide-Ihama, vows never to step down for the ambitions governor. He argues that the newly cross-carpeted governor did not purchase the nomination form at the stipulated time and also queries his educational credentials just as APC also did. While all these are playing out, permit me to give the governor some pieces of advice.

Number one is, he should let his work speak for him. Nigerians now know better. We are leaving the stage whereby people vote for a party rather than individuals with credibility and pedigree. If he has truly done well in the last four years of governance, even if he starts afresh political party, with quality campaigns, his people will definitely vote for him. However, if all his hopes lie in a political party and eventually got elected but in the long run, there appears to be any irregularity or election manipulations, the tribunal will still flush him out, courtesy of the opposition.

Number two is that the Governor of Edo state should clear the air on his educational credentials. This will go a long way. Nigerians, both home and abroad, have heard this news and it will be nice they hear that which was alleged about his credentials are not true. Godwin Obaseki needs to prove this!

Finally, Godwin Obaseki and all his political colleagues should push for electoral reforms in this country. Doing this will eliminate electoral fraud and ensure the vote of every Nigerian count.

My humble opinion.

Photo Credit: @godwinobasekiofficial

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