Good news: Oxford’s COVID19 Vaccine may be the Solution the World’s been waiting for!

After the rude interruption of the disrespectful coronavirus late last year which is still lingering, all hope is not lost after all. Although there have been several claims of cure for the novel virus, none has been reported to have international acceptance. However, that is not to discredit them. Meanwhile, a news report has emerged that Oxford’s COVID19 Vaccine may be the Solution the world has been anticipating. The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, NCDC on its verified Twitter handle @NCDCgov revealed this new piece of information which is actually good news for that matter:

“Positive news from @UniofOxford on progress made in the development of a safe and effective COVID19 vaccine.

“Phase I/II trials of the #COVID19 vaccine candidate shows promise however, phase III trials are needed to validate its efficacy against the virus.”

The University of Oxford itself, on its verified Twitter handle @UniofOxford, said:

“Oxford’s Covid-19 vaccine produces a good immune response, reveals a new study.

“Teams at @VaccineTrials and @OxfordVacGroup have found there were no safety concerns, and the vaccine stimulated strong immune responses”

A few days earlier, it had also published:

“‘It’s time to encourage people to wear face masks as a precautionary measure on the grounds that we have little to lose and potentially something to gain’ – @trishgreenhalgh, Professor of Primary Health Care Sciences.”

NCDC’s tweet has, however, generated several reactions from Nigerians. Some hold the view that the nation’s universities need to do more rather than sit back to continually claim salary pay. Some are of the opinion that the nation couldn’t reap what it hadn’t sown and that the education sector has been grossly underfunded.

In the light of this news from NCDC and Oxford University, it is very important to say that the Nigerian government needs to seriously look into the claims of the cure for coronavirus by some of its people and do the necessary scientific tests on them. That way, the nation would gain more respect from the international communities.

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