Eric Garcetti and other US Governors at loggerheads with Trump

All is definitely not going well for incumbent US President Donald Trump who is seeking reelection this November. In fact, a recent poll shows that his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden who’s also running for the presidency, is leading Trump by a huge margin in the suburbs. Donald Trump, on the other hand, says Joe Biden “would totally destroy the beautiful suburbs”. Amidst all this, Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti was interviewed on CNN and he said on the international television that there was no national leadership as regards the coronavirus pandemic situation. He said Los Angeles was one of the first states to recommend wearing masks long before it was approved at the national level. He alleged that the president had politicized the wearing of masks.

Furthermore, Eric Garcetti said this was another opportunity for President Trump to show the nation that he cared about them. Trump, on the other hand, thinks otherwise as he argues that parents would be forced to stay at home with their children as long as schools do not reopen and lockdown persists. Apparently, Trump is very concerned about the economy of the United States. It might interest you to know that the death toll arising from coronavirus in the United States has passed 140,000, and these cases have been reported to be on the increase. In the heat of this, Americans believe Donald Trump hasn’t been handling this pandemic seriously. The Mississippi State Governor Tate Reeves also bore his mind on the rising cases of the dreaded virus even as the state is now marked in the red zone which made the task force recommend closure of bars, gyms, et cetera.

On the reopening of schools, a representative from Massachusetts Ayanna Pressley says there’s really no need to rush to reopen schools, and does not also believe Trump is correct as regards his comment that Biden will destroy the beautiful suburbs. Ayanna says her focus is on Trump’s divisive policies. Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland is also having a clash with the Trump administration over recent violence in the area. To this, Trump tweeted he was only trying to help, and not hurt. Wheeler, on the other hand, thinks his actions are unconstitutional. In all, President Trump has been at loggerheads with quite a number of his governors, and he needs to watch it if he is serious about reelection.

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