Demolishing the Nigeria’s Diplomatic building in Ghana is unacceptable

Do you suppose those who demolished Nigeria’s Diplomatic Building in Ghana would have done the same in a diplomatic premise of the United States? If the answer is NO, then something is fundamentally wrong and the Nigerian government and her citizens need to seriously sit up and up their game. Although it has been reported that the Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo has called to apologise to his Nigerian counterpart but this is not enough. The other day we heard how some Nigerians living in Ghana were victimized and so far we’re yet to hear anything come out of it. Xenophobia, discrimination, or racism is a crime against humanity that should never be pampered.

I suppose that the Nigerian embassy in Ghana, like any other embassy, ought to be under full security protection. I remember visiting the German Embassy at Abuja to submit some documents some years ago, and I could see a heavy security presence. Nigerians need to ask critical questions. A diplomatic building is not just any kind of building. So, why should it be so porous that it got demolished and there was no interruption during the exercise? Was it not that the allegedly unknown persons, as tweeted by Nigeria’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama on his Twitter handle, got approval for the demolition? Is this not a strong signal being sent across to Nigeria? Even the President of all the Nigerians doing business in Ghana had come out to say that if Nigeria’s diplomatic building in Ghana could be destroyed that way, then their lives were no longer safe. Think about that. Are all these as a result of Nigerians not valuing their own people? Is it as a result of our system?

Demolishing the Nigerian diplomatic building

Much more needs to be done about this. Apologies are simply not enough. If it is true that some unknown persons carried out that dastardly act for hours, then they should be brought to book. I hope the official update released by Geoffrey Onyeama that the President of Ghana has demanded strict sanctions be taken in respect of the perpetrators of this act will be effected without delay; and as requested, the Ghanaian government will provide security to the premises and the staff.

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