Breaking: Belarusian President Lukashenko refuses to leave Power

Serious and unprecedented outrage and protests have been the order of the day in recent times as Belarusian citizens shouted “leave” in protest against the long-time sitting President Lukashenko as gathered by Nigerian Newsnow. The leader of the ex-Soviet state had declared that there would be no other election after allegations of ballot irregularities and fraud. In fact, he said there would be no other election “until you kill me“.

The strike actions taken by the workers spread to the state TV, with members of staff vacating the workplace on Monday. According to a report by one of CNN’s correspondents, Frederik Pleitgen, Lukashenko has said he is ready to “share power” but won’t do so under pressure from “the streets”. In the face of all this, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, an opposition candidate has offered to act as the country’s national leader. More than 600 complaints have been filed for excessive use of force as there are alleged mishandling of protesters by the police. In fact, the act of police violence towards supporters of the opposition incited a big protest rally in the capital Minsk on Sunday. Moreso, thousands were arrested with several people being abused while in detention.

President Lukashenko has presided over Belarus for the past twenty-six years running and has also maintained close relations with neighbouring Russia, on which Belarus heavily relies for energy supplies. Pictures of people carrying placards with different inscriptions were seen.


President Lukashenko

According to the local news source, the opposition rally which took place on Sunday in Minsk was “the largest in the history of independent Belarus”. It is only hoped that Mr. Lukashenko will take proper action to prevent serious national crisis because a wave of displeasure and annoyance has been rising since the Central Election Commission said the incumbent president had won 80.1% of the vote and Ms. Tikhanovskaya – 10.12%. This, they regard as electoral fraud.

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