Breaking: America in crisis; calls to defund the police

America is feared to be in a crisis that is mounting and is not looking to end soon as many Americans took to the streets to protest asking the government to defund the police. This call to defund the police has repeatedly been on the increase after the killing of the African American George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer. No doubt, it has also been worsened by Trump’s purported mishandling of the protest and the racial issue. Worse still, his vice, Mr. Pence had also reportedly refused to say the words, “Black lives matter” on a live show hosted by some black presenters. After a repeated request for Mr. Mike Pence to say, “Black lives matter“, he replied, “All lives matter”.😀

Already, it seems as though President Donald Trump is seriously losing the battle even as support for him has been on a sharp decline, in addition to endless protests across the United States. Moreover, Twitch and Reddit have also cracked down on hate speech purported to be from US Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, the video service Twitch has suspended Trump’s campaign account. All these also suggest all isn’t going to be well for President Donald Trump who is seeking reelection in November this year.

Earlier today June 30, 2020, on CNN news, law enforcement analyst Charles Ramsey commented on this call by Americans to defund the police. He was of the view that a large chunk of police fund is for their welfare, and it would therefore not be necessary to defund. You may also want to know that the new fiscal year begins tomorrow, July 1st, and so this call may also not be unconnected with it.

However, there have also been worries of another spike in coronavirus cases across America. California, for example, is reinstating her lockdown. Arizona also is to close bars, gyms, et cetera.

Photo Credit: The Washington Post

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