Black Lives Matter: Manuel Ellis also screamed I can’t breathe before his death

Not so long after George Floyd’s death caused by Derek Chauvin, a white police officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck, a similar report has surfaced about Manuel Ellis, a 33-year old black man who the Tacoma police tried to arrest on March 3, 2020, after officers saw him “trying to open car doors of occupied vehicles,”. According to CNN report, an audio recording captured by the website Broadcastify provides additional details on the deadly incident which showed that Manuel Ellis died in police custody in Tacoma, Washington, and was heard screaming “I can’t breathe,”. The release showed that there was a physical altercation and Ellis had to be physically pinned down because he was “combative,”. Police said the officers called for medical aid when they saw he needed help, but Ellis died at the scene. His death is presently causing great protest in Tacoma.

It is worrisome that the gruesome death of Floyd and Manuel were caused by an alleged crime that was purely inconsequential. How could someone unarmed die by police because of a $20 bill or by trying to open car doors? We hardly hear such cruelty against the whites.

Racism has had enough of its toll on the black race and it’s high time we fought for freedom and put an end to this menace. Seriously, racism has eaten into the system of America and is destroying her gradually. Why will the lives of the blacks who have helped in building your great Nation become something of triviality?

Why should prejudice, discrimination, sentiment, or hatred be directed at someone because of their colour, ethnicity, or national origin? It is time for a change. It is time to build our ecosystem together because Black lives matter, American lives count, and all are important!

Let’s build a world that is safe for us and our children to live.





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