Bishop David Oyedepo: This week, the unusual will happen

The Founder and Senior Pastor of Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has declared this week as a week of the unusual. In a message to round up the third service on June 28, 2020, he recounted the amazing wonders of God over the church in times past. He declares, “We don’t fight in this commission. God fights for us.” He reminded the congregation of a particular time when the church’s property was ceased in a particular nation of the world. He told the congregation that the native doctor behind it died, and the person living on the premises died. He also recounted a time when some fellows invaded the church property and he decreed that every fellow involved be inflicted with madness. According to the bishop, the first person ran mad and was brought to him but God queried that he (Oyedepo) was the one who decreed it. Some hours later, he said, another one involved ran mad. He quoted Genesis 12 where God says He would bless those who bless you and curse anyone who curses you.

The church cleric who is reputed to be the richest pastor in the world, and a chancellor of two universities, further said, “By the Holy Ghost…what they call coronavirus has suddenly become antichurch virus… clean and clear. The market place is rocky… social distance, zero; handwashing, zero; and yet Nigerian coronavirus doesn’t go to the market, it goes to the church and I know some gods of the land are behind this… This is another antichurch virus…” The bishop claimed that as of today they have had 114 clear cases of healing of coronavirus. He then asked why the Church which is a healing center be closed. He further said there were many other churches that are healing centers by the power of God.

“This is the antichurch virus. Beware of waiting for God’s red eyes, for he that touches you touches the apple of His eyes”, Oyedepo declared. The cleric had asked where it was in the constitution that there is no more freedom of worship. Blowing hot, Bishop Oyedepo declared a word of caution, saying “We are not fools! Beware of touching our sensitive parts. We have made a decree and heaven has sanctioned it, heaven has approved it. You will hear the news this week!” Becoming further prophetic, Bishop Oyedepo confidently declared, “Wait, it shall not pass this week! Whatever will happen will happen, and that without restriction… You will hear the news of the liberation of the Church”

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