Bishop David Oyedepo is hot again on Covid-19 Lockdown

The President and Founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has in a Sunday service today, 21st June 2020, blown hot again against policymakers on the lockdown caused by the dreaded coronavirus. In his usual humorous style, Oyedepo said, “You go to the market to buy things, did you find out whether the seller has been tested?… Someone is travelling 12 hours in a commercial bus, nobody is tested — the driver, the conductor, the commuters, everybody is untested. That’s okay. But you can’t travel for 1 hour by air. Is that technical? That’s the spirit of fear.”

Speaking on the theme COVENANT DAY OF FAVOUR, the Church leader quoted bible passages that reveal the devastating power of fear. He cited Romans 8:15, Job 3:24-25 and Proverbs 29:25, amongst many others. The Bishop said a larger percentage of humanity is perpetually under the bondage of the spirit of fear, making reference to the biblical account of Gideon. David Oyedepo further said, “The spirit of fear is the spirit of exaggeration… the spirit of fear is devastating and is a robber. You can imagine how one virus locks everyone down… The answer to this fear is only with Christ; there is no psychological solution, there is no technical solution. “

The revered cleric and chancellor further declared, “If you are going to wait for coronavirus to leave the earth, you will wait forever until all men die!”

Bishop David Oyedepo who has been at the forefront of the campaign against church lockdown further declared vehemently, “My own problem now is this: Why is the Church considered the platform for the spread of coronavirus?… It is a paradox…”, saying that the church is a healing centre. Oyedepo further hinted confidently that the spirit of fear and a sinister plan was behind the church lockdown. He asked again, rhetorically this time, “Tell me what time in history church has been shut down for this long?” confidently assuring that he is the one saying it by the Spirit of God.

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