Do you know there are 5 businesses you can start without Capital? 😳 In doubt? Permit me to lead you through. But wait a minute, I am quite sure you are aware that the recent COVID-19 world pandemic has made many people realize that one stream of income is not enough and this is especially true in Nigeria. A recent statistic showed a sharp increase in people’s interest in making money. And for me, it is a “No thanks” to the ineffective distribution of palliative during the unexpected lockdown.

Anyway, let’s get straight to business. Here are the profitable 5 businesses you can start without capital:

1. Real Estate

The business of real estate is very lucrative. This is because of the high margin of profit it gives. There’s no business that is as nice as real estate. All you need is the ability to spot opportunities that will fetch you money. I’ve heard quite a number of people either call or met me to tell me there’s a property somewhere and that they need buyers. All I need to do is connect buyers to the seller.

Let’s say there is a house in your neighbourhood right now for sale or that needs occupants. All you need is just to act as the agent. Get somebody to buy the house or land or rent the apartment and pocket your 5% or 10% agreed commission. Imagine you can find a buyer for a 5 million naira house, which is 500 thousand naira commission at 10%. What if you can sell a house for 20 million naira? You have 2 million naira cool cash. Some people are looking for land for farming now and you have access to enough lands for purchase. All you need is to be “The Connector”. Connect the buyer with the seller and collect your commission. This is what some people do that you wonder what they are doing for a living. Some think such people are “yahoo yahoo” when they see them riding big jeeps. No.

Your definition of work might just be wrong! Work doesn’t have to be hard.

2. Copywriting

Many people confuse copyWRITING with copyRIGHT. They are two different things altogether! While copyRIGHT involves owning and having a legal right to work, copyWRITING is a selling skill. It is the art of using words to persuade people to take action such as making a purchase.

Copywriting is a skill that is now silently in high demand. Copywriters earn a lump sum of money.

All you need is your brain work (ability to use words to persuade people to buy a product or service) and your phone with internet access! You can watch videos on YouTube on copywriting. And, the good news is that you don’t have to be an English guru to be a copywriter! Once you learn it, you can start selling your skill on freelancing platforms such as upwork.com, fiverr.com, guru.com, freelancers.com, et cetera.

3. Graphic Design

If you are a graphic designer, you can sell your skill on the platforms I mentioned above. Graphic design is needed by many businesses and you can leverage on that. What if you don’t know how to design? There are a lot of videos online on graphic design that you can watch in a day and you’re in business. All you need is access to internet connections to aid your learning and growth. Guess what? You can also be a middleman. How? Did you know that many graphic designers don’t know how to land good jobs; they really don’t know how to market themselves. But you can simply have a network of designers and connect them to clients. What you will do is communicate with the clients and relay the client’s preferences to the designer and vice versa. You negotiate a price with the clients and also speak with your designer to know how much he wants to charge and ensure the job is done. The best way for this to work is never to directly connect your designers with clients. You must always be the middleman.

4. Ghostwriting

I earned my first $200 on upwork.com doing a ghostwriting job. You’re wondering what ghostwriting is? It is writing a book or any piece for someone, but it is the person you write for who will own the full copyright of the book or piece. Ghostwriting is legal. I won’t forget how I had to quickly go check the dictionary for the meaning of ghostwriting after winning a ghostwriting job! (Smiles).

So, if you are very good at writing or editing or proofreading, that’s a skill you can sell!

5. Digital products/knowledge

The truth of the matter is that the world has gone digital. And, it is projected that in time to come it will only increase. There might be situations when you cannot sell your products physically. It happened to everybody during the COVID-19 pandemic. But nothing can stop you from selling your products digitally. I want to advise that you strongly consider a digital business. It’s easy, simple, less expensive, fast and without borders. For example, there’s a fantastic e-book on digital marketing titled THE ABC OF DIGITAL MARKETING, it’s an amazing book that is newbies-friendly for anyone wanting to go into digital marketing. The traditional style of advertising has been overtaken by digital advertising. That explains why ads pop up in front of you when you visit a site.

You can visit: http://dattobs.com/product/abc-digitalmarketing to order for a discounted price of the book.

If you need mentorship on it to get you started, feel free to connect on the website above.

I hope I have enlightened you on the 5 BUSINESSES YOU CAN START PROFITABLY without capital?


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